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Build a life you love!

Give yourself permission to dream again.

Learn how to take back control and create a life that you thrive in.

You are a woman over 40, navigating the turbulent waters of life's hormonal changes, feeling like her identity is slipping through her fingers.


You know her - the one who's hesitant to change, fearful of judgment, worried she can't be the perfect wife, mother, or best friend if she takes time for herself.


She's stuck in a cycle of frustration, doubting her worth.


It's time for her to break free from that suffocating cocoon of doubt and insecurity. If this sounds like you, know that you're not alone.



What if I told you there's a path to radiant renewal, a way to embrace the vibrant, confident woman you've always dreamed of being?


You deserve happiness, fulfillment, and self-assurance. This is your time to shine.



Hi, my name is Claire and I went from burnt out corporate Mum to living a life I truly love by doing the work that I now teach other women just like you.


For years when my kids were small I felt lost, lonely and guilty. I went to work in a job I hated. I felt disconnected from my husband. I wasn’t showing up the way I wanted to for my boys (even though I knew I was a good Mum).


And then one day, I decided enough was enough. 


I invested heavily in myself.

Personal development changed my mindset and I began to unpack all the stories, self identity and societal BS that had me in a rut. I freed myself to go and create a prosperous life that I love.


It saved my relationship, it opened me up to new possibilities, it made me a better, more present Mum and it has brought me back to myself. And now, I have the honour of guiding other busy Mum’s through the same process. 

You deserve to live a fulfilling life.

I understand your journey because I've walked it too.


I'm your expert guide, your confidante in change. I specialise in mindset coaching, hormonal health, cellular repair, and the power of shifting your perspective.



This isn't just another membership or group program.

This is your transformational journey.

We're not here to throw generic advice your way.

The Confident Woman membership is tailored to you - a woman over 40, facing the unique challenges of hormonal shifts, identity crises, and life transitions.

Let me present you to your new BFF





Welcome to The Confident Woman —an immersive and radiating 12-week group coaching program designed to unleash your leadership potential, empowering you to lead with unwavering confidence, authenticity, and impact.


The Confident Woman Membership is your ticket to a brighter, bolder future.


Your journey to confidence and happiness begins now. Let's unlock the radiant, empowered woman within you. 


Here's what you'll gain when you become part of The Confident Woman:


A Transformative 12-Week Membership:

The Confident woman unlocks your untapped radiant potential, bidding farewell to self-doubt and welcoming your balance, peaceful wife, mother and woman.


Live Coaching Sessions:

4 life changing modules delivered LIVE. These sessions will bring light to the patterns of behavior that have you feeling trapped. You will learn how to free yourself to live the life you desire.
Because the sessions are live, you can ask me anything on the call which allows for me to tailor the content to your specific experience.


Real-Life Success Stories:

4 powerful real life stories that I will be sharing with you of how I have rebuilt the broken pieces of my life over the past 2 years and brought back the fun, passion and presence to every day


Life Changing Recoding, Cellular Repair and Hypnotic Meditations:

1 powerful cellular repair session to invigorate your inner beauty, radiance and ignite your body at the cellular level

1 beautifully Hypnotic Meditation Closing Ceremony to Amplify Results - we close our program and time together in a deeply healing circle of light, love and release


Access to Recorded Sessions:

I get that you’re a busy Mum and you might not be able to attend live so you get unlimited replays!


Fortnightly Q & A Calls and Voxer Chat:

Enjoy 4 integration calls in between each fortnightly module session. Integration calls ensure that nobody gets left behind as we progress through the module teachings. I actively create space for you to embody the learnings through these sessions and connect with me to ask any questions or work though any sticky bits.



 Ongoing Personal Support:

You will be supported every step of the way by me personally through our community Voxer channel. This level of support ensures that you’ll always have a safe space to ask questions, tap into the collective wisdom of the group and access me whenever anything comes up.


Supporting Resources:

To support you even further, you will be given workbooks full of journal prompts, quizzes and activities. This work is complementary to the module work and is designed for a busy Mum. The worksheets are comprehensive, to the point and transformational.

What you will learn


Weeks 1 - 2:
๐Ÿš€ Module 1:  Learn your own Personal Radical Responsible Story


 You will be able to take responsibility of the reality you have created around you, and the reality you want to create for yourself, your relationships and your family.



Weeks 3 - 4:

๐ŸŽ™๏ธ Module 2: Cultivating Loving, Safe and Ignited Romantic Relationships


You will be able to take responsibility for showing up in your romantic relationships, and seeing how this  is dictating the reality of her feeling seen, heard and loved.


Week 5 - 6:

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Module 3: Raising Emotionally Intelligent and Emotionally Connected Children

You will be able to demonstrate confidence, emotional intelligence and communication and respect into your children.



Weeks 7 - 8:
โค๏ธ Module 4: Giving Yourself Permission to rewrite your own historic and iconic story

You will take everything you've learnt in modules 1, 2 and 3. It's your chance to rewrite your responsible story. 

Taking what you learnt in module 1 - applying it to your romantic relationships - applying the work to your motherhood - this allows you to give yourself permission to bring this new narrative into your reality.


Weeks 9 - 10:โ€‹

       Cellular Repair Group Session
A powerful cellular repair session to invigorate your inner beauty, radiance and ignite your body at the cellular level


Weeks 11 - 12:โ€‹

       Hypnotic Meditation Closing Ceremony

 A beautifully Hypnotic Meditation Closing Ceremony to Amplify Results - we close our program and time together in a deeply healing circle of light, love and release.





  • You want a coach who understands the intricacies of mindset, helping you rewrite your life story.

  • You are looking for invaluable insights and solutions for hormonal balance, empowering her to feel her best.

  • You want to repair and rejuvenate your body at a cellular level, ensuring lasting health.

  • You crave inner peace and resilience through our guided meditations, even in the midst of life's storms.

  • You want wisdom and inspiration from experts and fellow members who've walked a similar path.

  • You’re ready to build a life you are excited about

  • You want to stop living on autopilot.

  • You want to break up with your excuses that are holding you back.

  • You’re ready to use your voice with confidence, style and grace

  • You want to stop giving your power to others to decide for you

  • You want to have a passionate relationship with someone who loves and respects you

  • You want a fulfilling career that you feel sets your soul on fire

  • You no longer want to feel like you are failing in your ‘roles’ as a mum and wife

  • You want to feel true happiness that you don’t have to hide

  • Want to learn how to rest and be comfortable with the quiet moments

  • You want to be less distracted by what others are doing, and focus entirely on you

  • You want to know what you can do to rebuild the broken pieces around you to feel loved and passionate



Prioritize your growth and invest in your future success as a confident, exceptional leader.


The doors to The Confident Woman are open for a limited time only.


Imagine the thriving life you can create inside The Confident Woman, where you will find yourself again and create a life you adore



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