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The Confident Woman - 12 weeks to Break Up With Being Busy

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Taking busy women from burnt out, stuck and craving their own identity - to fulfilled, loving and deeply feminine energetic women not afraid of their lives anymore. Welcome to The Confident Woman —an immersive and radiating 12-week group coaching program designed to unleash your leadership potential, empowering you to lead with unwavering confidence, authenticity, and impact. ​The Confident Woman Membership is your ticket to a brighter, bolder future. ​Your journey to confidence and happiness begins now. Let's unlock the radiant, empowered woman within you. ​Here's what you'll gain when you become part of The Confident Woman: ​A Transformative 12-Week Membership: The Confident woman unlocks your untapped radiant potential, bidding farewell to self-doubt and welcoming your balance, peaceful wife, mother and woman. Live Coaching Sessions: 4 life changing modules delivered LIVE. These sessions will bring light to the patterns of behavior that have you feeling trapped. You will learn how to free yourself to live the life you desire. Because the sessions are live, you can ask me anything on the call which allows for me to tailor the content to your specific experience. ​ Real-Life Success Stories: 4 powerful real life stories that I will be sharing with you of how I have rebuilt the broken pieces of my life over the past 2 years and brought back the fun, passion and presence to every day ​ Life Changing Recoding, Cellular Repair and Hypnotic Meditations: 1 powerful cellular repair session to invigorate your inner beauty, radiance and ignite your body at the cellular level 1 beautifully Hypnotic Meditation Closing Ceremony to Amplify Results - we close our program and time together in a deeply healing circle of light, love and release ​Access to Recorded Sessions: I get that you’re a busy Mum and you might not be able to attend live so you get unlimited replays! ​Fortnightly Q & A Calls and Daily Voxer Chat: Enjoy 4 integration calls in between each

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