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I'm Claire!


I'm a world class coach and expert mindset leader!

I'm also known as The Breaking Up With Being Busy Expert.

My life is now a crystal clear bowl of abundance, love and deep healing strategies.


But it wasn't always this way... I lost everything, everyone and was so completely and utterly broken!

  • ​I suffered burn out and broke down after a 15 year Corporate Leadership Career

  • My marriage to my childhood sweetheart fell apart 

  • I entirely lost who I was as a woman, wife and mother.

  • I began the negative cycle where all I saw in myself was hard times, victim mindset, and blame for everyone else

I was so stuck in the lack mindset - lack of confidence, lack of imagination, lack of self belief, lack of self love.

I was the most hurt person in the room, with no space for any form of guidance ever being able to help me.
I became my own worst enemy.

I believed nothing special was ever destined to happen to me.  

I believed that everyone was out to hurt me.  I believed that my life was going to be stuck and lifeless forever.


Fast forward to today:

  • Re-Ignited my marriage to be a powerful soulful connection with my soul mate and best friend

  • I've balanced my hormones and gained the upper hand on my peri-menopause symptoms

  • Healed my wounded feminine mindset to now see strategy and possibility in every single situation

  • Have the most amazing family dynamic where emotional intelligence, communication and "I Love You" lead our daily lives

  • Lead a powerful aligned group of emerging coaches and leaders through their most life changing transformation of their lives!


What our Members receive

Our members plug into a range of programs that are transforming their daily struggles with peace, calm, confidence and complete presence:

Mindset Habit Transformations, Accountability, Practical Action Plans

Mastermind Sessions, Q&A, Podcast Episodes


Exclusive 1:1 coaching each month

Mindset and Habit Recoding using proven NLP techniques

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